Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Toon Time

A whole lot of ratchet-jawing is going on about some cartoons depicting Mohammed with a bomb on his head. Colorado Rocket Guild Writers and the Editorial Staff condemn this drawing for its shoddy and inaccurate portrayal.
Everybody knows these bombs are attached to vests.
We are at a bit of a loss about why Muslims are so wound up about this to begin with what with all those killings in the name of Allah.
We might guess that greater offences include: beheadings, beatings and bombings as well as all that stuff about destroying Israel. And let’s face it, you are only pissed at Israel because they have taken the same real estate that you have and turned it into a respectful country with drinkable water.
This isn't to say that your rants and threats haven’t been useful. In fact, they have helped to illustrate to even the dimmest bulbs among us what life would be like under your boot. We can imagine a place where it isn't enough for you to force a radical ideology on another person, you have to try and invade the private recesses of their minds. We can see a place where women wear coverings on their faces not because of some devout adherence to an ideal, but because of the shiner you gave them last night when they didn't get your fucking Rice Chex.


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