Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Live In A Floodplain

Tough times continue in the flood ravaged south. About 400 survivors of hurricane Katrina came the nation's capital for two days of rallies, protests and meetings with lawmakers about the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
Seems they have the money and time to travel to Washington.
Hey, we're just sayin.

Survivors of hurricane Katrina demanded money and called for more action, faster and better this and that. Not to miss an opportunity to milk this farce for some political gain, dimocratic whores representatives chimed in.
"Really, just to be plain about it, this is a scandal," Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Dim Bulb-Calif.) said to a standing ovation.
"The crowd, many of them working-class New Orleanians whose families have lived there for generations, thundered when Rep. Barney Frank (Dim Bulb-Mass.) called the lack of progress in rebuilding less-affluent neighborhoods "a policy of ethnic cleansing by inaction."
It's a good thing that the rest of us hurricane Katrina survivors in the other 48 states are here to bail them out. But then, living somewhere other than a major floodplain has it's benefits.


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